Everything You Need To Know About Gears 5

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On Xbox, Gears of War remain a great series. With the chainsaw bayonet of the Lancer, it is highly recognized just like the iconic Halo Warthog. Microsoft has confirmed that the series may continue as announced on the E3 Show 2018. Microsoft has confirmed that it will be unleashing the Gears 5 series because fans like the concept.
The producing company also iterated that Kait will be the female protagonist in the new game. Kait will handle the leading role while Marcus Phoenix still maintains his position. In the game, Kait will take a group on a special adventure. It is simply a continuation of the previous edition called Gears of War 4.

Gears 5

Gears 5 will act as the center of a second trilogy from the Gears of War. The official date for releasing the game is not yet decided, but fans should expect it around 2019. The game can be played on PC and Xbox One. In the series, fans will discover that locusts will have a huge impact. According to Microsoft, the company will also unleash 2 special Gears soon. This can be found in Gears Tactics and Gears Pop. The former will be a tactical game that is similar to the XCOM franchise while the latter remains a mobile spin-off of the producing company.

Gears 5 Features


Air of anticipation is the right word to use for the end of Gears of War. In the previous edition of this series, a new enemy was born rather than getting rid of a threat. The new enemy created remains the Swarm, which is an evolution of the locust in the original trilogy. The whole thing was established to create a huge problem between the last vestiges and new race of the human factions on Sera.

This is a battle between the Outsiders and the COG. These groups have always been in antithesis to each other for a long time. In Gears 5, the conflict will continue and exposing the actual object of Swarm 5. It will also help to discover how the human factions obliterated the conflict and fight against the common of their existence.

PC Gaming

For a long time, Microsoft has the attitude of unleashing its PC Play Anywhere program. It implies that you can play your Xbox games on any platform such as PC. In 2016, Gears 4 also made use of the same program. Even Gears 2 and 3 used the same platform. This simply means that the new game called Gears 5 will also be played on PCs.

Job Listings

It’s evident from rumors that the groundwork for Gears 5 is now on the way. At the moment, the producing company may be looking for storyboard artists, associate art director, cinematic lead and cinematic artists to help build the Gears 5 game professionally.

While fans wait in anticipation for this amazing game, it is evident that 2019 remains the sure period to expect the unleashing of this amazing console.

July 25, 2018