Trailer Review – Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Entertainment / Monday, January 22nd, 2018

From its long, rich history of comic book appearances, to its 2016 live action movie adaptation, there’s no doubt that Suicide Squad has gotten incredibly popular over the years. Its newest animated film, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, released a trailer this year that gave fans a sneak preview of the movie. While the lineup certainly has changed, the danger hasn’t. With new foe on the horizon, Amanda Waller must rely on the Suicide Squad to defeat it, even at the cost of their lives.

The trailer begins by introducing the members of the Suicide Squad. After seeing familiar characters, such as Harley Quinn and Deadshot, and unfamiliar ones, like Captain Boomerang, the team is sent by Amanda Waller to hunt down a murderer who may very well prove to be their match. From the clean animation to the adrenaline-packed action scenes, to even the sarcastic humor, this may very well prove to be yet another interesting adaptation of the Suicide Squad.

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While the trailer does reveal the major characters in the movie, not much else is revealed in regards to their development. Both Deadshot and Harley Quinn are one of the most recognizable members of the Suicide Squad. Not only that, but Amanda Waller is also present, and is shown to be, at the very least, influencing them, if not outright controlling them. What’s more, seeing Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad sparks the question of whether or not the Joker would make an appearance, or if their relationship would even be explored in this movie. But what of the other characters? What’s their story? More importantly, would they be able to connect with fans who prefer different reincarnations of the Squad? And what about the villain? Just who is “history’s bloodiest immortal”? What makes him so frightening, so much so that Amanda Waller had to call in the Suicide Squad?

However, the following dialogue, “I don’t take orders from murderers”, tends to lend itself to the more traditional themes of the Suicide Squad. Not many people like the fact that the others around them can’t easily be classified as good or evil. Because of this, it’s wonderful to feel the vague hope that the Squad may return to civilized society. Even so, this is entirely predictable. Audiences have felt these emotions in the comics, as well as in the other movies.

Nevertheless, the action sequences are stunning, and the animation is neat, to say the least. The hard rock music was wonderful and emphasized the action sequences and the movie’s fast-paced plot. The barrage of bullets flying through the air certainly pumps adrenaline into the scenes, as well as Amanda’s mysterious aura. It certainly gives the viewer something to look forward to.

Overall, the trailer seemed appropriate for the Suicide Squad, despite it being a bit predictable. Like the other Suicide Squad movies, the premise was the same, one where the movie seemed to show more of the character’s immorality, rather than their goodness. Still, despite this, the trailer did the Suicide Squad justice and promises the movie to be one that all fans will enjoy.

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