Top 10 Advanced Tips & Tricks for PUBG Mobile

Video Games / Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Do you know that PUBG has changed the gaming industry? When talking Xbox One and PC, PUBG really shocked the world with its amazing capabilities. It is also operating on Android and other mobile devices to help you get the best. Studies have shown that PUBG has one of the best mobile ports for playing games. Below are some advanced tricks and tips for PUBG mobile.

  1. To track gunfire, you must watch the map. In PUBG, you should always pay attention to the map. It will help you survive and stay longer on the platform.
  2. Learn the ropes properly because the first couple of games you play on PUBG is full of bots. Since your first games will be bots, you can learn tricks that can help you beat or overcome the competition. For instance, you can be able to use the A.I interface on your system to walk through difficulties.
  3. To avoid falling into traps and pits, you can always make use of free look. It can be in auto run to help you watch other players and competitors carefully.
  4. In case you are a psychopath, ensure to use gyroscope controls. With these controls, you will be able to handle complex and difficult situations.
  5. Flanking always from behind is a great concept while on the PUBG mobile platform. The controls happen to be the most difficult things to handle in PUBG. For this reason, using flank from behind will help to shield any negation.
  6. Leaning in PUBG mobile should be manually activated. One of the most important features in PUBG is leaning and it can help you when playing any game.
  7. When shooting in PUBG, ensure to make of your left thumb. The system may not allow you to shot using your two hands. For this reason, using your left thumb will bring a great result.
  8. Autorun should always be activated. This trick will help you when moving from one location another on the map. It can help to maintain a long distance.
  9. When plugged in PUBG, go ahead to keep playing your game. The PUBG platform will not fully suck the power in your battery. So when you are plugged in, go ahead and start enjoying yourself.
  10. The buttons should be re-mapped to the best condition. Players will be playing on a tiny screen and things may get a bit complex. Re-mapping buttons will give you a better interface to play your game without any difficulties.

There are tons of tricks that people don’t know about. Using the tips above will help you enjoy PUBG mobile with ease and comfort. These tips will give you an upfront idea of how to handle your first game on the platform. Apart from comfort and ease, you will discover that your skills are getting better daily. Using the tricks above will also make you a professional in an ephemeral of time. Give it a try now and see how the system works.

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