Slender Man Movie Trailer Review

Entertainment / Friday, January 19th, 2018

Slender Man is yet another upcoming, eye-catching American supernatural horror film written by David Birke and directed by Sylvain White, hinged on the Creepypasta character created by Eric Knudsen. This film features Javier Botet as the horrifying monster, in cooperation with Jaz Sinclair, Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, and Annalise Basso. It is set to be released by Screen Gems on May 18, 2018.


Terror, fear, pain and all sorts of atrocities strike when a group of 4 teenage girls in a small rural town for some reason decide to perform a dark ritual to challenge the myth of a tall, thin and horrifying creature known as Slender Man. They soon ascertain the validity of the legend when one of them suddenly goes missing.


Slender Man is a tall, thin horrifying figure with unusual long arms and featureless face, who is repeatedly portrayed to be responsible for the haunting and disappearance and even death of countless children and teens throughout the film. This can evidently be seen in the final half of the trailer where we are given a swift-run of most of the Slender Man’s horrifying abilities portrayed affecting unfortunate victims. The abilities include:

  • Making victims attempt suicide, as seen in the scene where a teenage boy unwillingly tosses himself off a bridge to almost certain death for no apparent reason.
  • Making victims stab themselves in the eyeball as shown in the laboratory scene as a teenage girl holds up a scalpel in front of her face and immediately stabs herself in the eyeball, causing immediate tension, confusion, and fear in the room.
  • He can also make doors rattle loudly, which can be very scary, especially if you have a constant fear of stiff winds blowing unnaturally.
  • The Slender Man can also slip through doors, as displayed the scene where his slender shadow is seen to penetrate under and through a locked door. He can also sort of teleport as shown in the scene where he suddenly appears in front of a teenage girl who was trying to hide from him behind a tree in a dark, dark forest.
  • Finally, the scariest of his abilities on my opinion is he makes dark, root-like structures grow out of the mouth and eyeballs of the teenage girl in a scary way raising the question if she is really dead or just under the slender man’s manipulation.

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Sound effects and horrifying scenes

The dramatic and horrifying sound effects used all over the trailer scenes play a big part in raising the overall fear and satisfaction of watching the horror film. They put you in anticipation of knowing something terribly wrong and scary is about to unfold to an unwilling character like in the scene of the dark forest where frightening sound effects accelerate after the teenage girl, hiding behind a tree peeps and sees slender man’s figure from a distance and as she looks away he suddenly appears in front of her, grabs her and pins her on the ground.


The trailer of the Slender Man movie indeed does set in motion much anticipation for watching the movie itself, especially if you’re a horror film enthusiast, this one will undoubtedly entertain you as it features several scary scenes that have been efficiently portrayed to keep you at the edge of your seat. There is also the mystery of how to stop or kill the slender which is unknown as even in previous related films. He or rather “it” just appears, strikes his fair share of death and fear and then just disappears.

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