Netflix’s “Bright” Sequel Officially Announced

Entertainment / Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Will Smith and his co-star Joel Edgerton will be returning to the screens this January, courtesy Netflix. Everyone remembers last year’s fantasy action and crime melodrama featuring a Los Angeles Police Department officer and his teammate who battle human and non-humans in an endeavor to clean up the city. Netflix’s Bright sequel will be written and directed entirely by David Ayer.

To date, Bright happens to be the highest viewed film ever launched by Netflix, since its launch on December 22, 2017. The film had an overall audience reach of at least 11 Million worldwide. That’s phenomenal, considering that it would amount to net ticket sales totaling around $100 million if one were just to multiply monetary averages and audiences.

So what makes Bright such a high-grosser for Netflix? The film presents to us an alternate reality in which humans try to co-exist with elves, orcs, dwarves and several other species that have been intermittently fighting each other for supremacy and survival for thousands of years.

Daryl Ward (played by Will Smith) partners with Nick Jakoby, an Orc polish officer who team up to quell disturbances in Los Angeles. They inadvertently stumble upon a ‘Shield of Light’ safe house in which they find some corpses, a torso of an elf embedded in a wall, and young survivor elf named Tikka who possesses a magic wand. However, this is not an ordinary wand, and it can only be commanded by someone who is “Bright”. Any contact by a non-bright person will immediately destroy the wand.

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The further drama unfolds as four LAPD officers arrive suddenly and decide to keep the wand to themselves. They try to coerce Ward to bump off his partner in exchange for his life. However, Ward acts instinctively and eliminates the four corrupt officers. This attracts the attention of a local human gang – The Altamira – who are then in hot pursuit of the trio.

They make good their escape and flee through the territory of the Fogteeth Orcan clan where they encounter further flare-ups. Meanwhile, Leilah and other Inferni members are also chasing them down. The trio is finally brought into captivity before their leader Dorghu who demands to know the location of the magic wand. He sends his son to kill Jakoby after failing to elicit any response from Ward.

Dorghu kills Jakoby himself, and he falls into a deep pit. Just as he is about to kill ward, Tikka appears with the wand and resurrects Jakoby, thus revealing that she is ‘Bright’. By proclaiming this as the prophecy, the entire clan kneels down before Jakoby, and the three are allowed to leave in peace. Tikka, who now knows she can trust them, speaks to them in English and explains the Inferno’s plan to resurrect their Dark Lord, a dangerous mythical figure who is to take over the world – because she was once a part of their clan and had been protected by the Shield of Light before fleeing with the wand.

Tikka, however, can only be saved by placing her in one of the magic pools found in a Shield safe house. As they return, they encounter Leilah who has been waiting for their return. To his shock, Ward discovers that he is also ‘Bright’ as he watches the wand glow a bright orange in his hands. He uses it to kill Leilah while Tikka makes good her escape. The movie ends with the Inferni being labeled as an extremist organization and Ward and Jakoby are felicitated for their bravery and valor.

Netflix’s “Bright” sequel promises all the action, drama, magic and sorcery as the prequel, with many more twists and turns as the plot unravels. Previously, Netflix was able to gauge how many users were interested in the movie was heavily advertised and many were able to watch trailers and add the movie to their queues. This further emboldened them enough to go ahead with the film’s sequel this month, which by some estimates cost them at least a whopping $90 million.

There’s no doubt that Bright is one of Netflix’s biggest originals they have ever launched. This is in spite of the fact that the film wasn’t reviewed very favorably by critics. Netflix always has some aces up its sleeves. This also gives them an edge over their competitors like Showbox.

They know that no amount of bad reviews will keep their audiences away from pressing the play button in the comforts of their homes and that’s why Netflix’s “Bright” the sequel makes for a very interesting proposition this January. Don’t miss it!

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