Maze Runner: Scorch Trials is Strange Take On The Book

Entertainment / Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is an explosive horror-action film, but is not a well-delivered sequel. The Scorch Trials stars just minutes after where the first film concluded. The band of Gladers are flown to a remote fortified outpost. The group just survived a massive maze of monster-like machines. The creators of the maze are hoping to find a way to use their immunity to the virus. As the film begins, Thomas realizes they were all prisoners of the World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department (WCKD). A mysterious group then rescues Thomas and sends them to a secure facility, where they can eat, sleep and slower. They are once again left to figure out whether their rescuers are friend or foe, leading them to find a way to escape.

Thomas who is played by Dylan O’Brien ends up in “The Scorch,” which is the barren desert that was once civilization and is now home to super-storms and scoundrels. The Scorch Trials is again directed by Wes Ball, who directed the first film. This time Ball, makes major changes in the storyline while adapting it for the big screen. Those who are fans of the books will question many of Ball’s decisions. Ball relies too heavily on the overdone post-apocalyptic stories.

While Ball does not directly adapt the book to his film, it’s still a worthwhile movie-going experience. The Maze Runner delivers a fresh and often haunting story. With The Scorch Trials tied to the previous film, moviegoers will not understand the story, if they did not see the original film. The Scorch Trials is an entertaining thrill ride, with a deep mystery that slowly unravels throughout the trilogy. The Maze Runner does not tackle any social issues of the day. The Maze Runner steers clear from making any discussion about humanity. This second chapter of the series falls flat and leaves viewers not inspired.

This second film has been able to better develop the character of Thomas, turning him from a newbie into a strong and brave leader. This film also can explain why Thomas has become a hero and what their connection is with WCKD. While Thomas steps up, the other characters are given very little room for dialogue or engagement. Ball failed to balance the new characters with the old characters as well as the new story. There are some thrilling moments in this film, but nothing that packs a punch.

For those who are fans of The Maze Runner, they may find this film enjoyable, but its failure to follow the real storyline may leave many viewers angry and disappointed. The film could have been made better, and the characters should have been given time to talk and have face time with the audience. If you have read the books, it’s better if you just re-read this book. Especially in today’s world, where we have Imax theatres, this movie has no justification for moviegoers to shell out money for the Imax experience.

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