The Maze Runner (2014) : Movie Review

Entertainment / Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Pretty thrilling James Dashner’s has some great movie adaptations, and this is among his best-selling novels This movie commences with some pretty exciting sound effects. A young boy, Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), wakes up with amnesia. He comes in a big box filled with farm supplies. He cannot remember any event in his past life. This is a nice storytelling trick that engages the audience. He later discovers that he is the latest member of the glade and meets other people (gladers) who also have amnesia. The movie gives the sense that they have been living there for a while.

Structure and leadership in the glade

Everyone in the Glade is assigned duties according to his or her skills. By the leadership of Alby (Aml Amleen), a well-built young boy assigns duties without too much resistance. They built shelter, grow crops, and one thing that’s weird is the boys are happy living in the glaze although it’s a prison. There is a huge wall made of cement that surrounds them. It has only one opening which routinely closes in the evening. Another weird fact to mention is the inside walls of the maze. It rearranges all the time after closing like a board of puzzle.

A group of runners always run in the maze once the door opens. They promptly search for an exit before the door closes. If not back, they are locked inside the maze. There is no glader who has ever lasted a night in the maze because of the merciless grievers (spider looking humongous monsters).

How they socialize and divide, themselves is interesting. There are divided into two groups with their own leader. Ally leading one and Gally( Will Poulter), leading the other group. Gally is one person that lacks any future visions. He is more of an eruptive character always ready to cause disruptions. Thomas, the hero, later forms his own group with a new glader, Teresa(Kaya Scodelrio). She appears in the glader immediately after him, which has never happened before. She doesn’t do much in the movie but a great cast all the same. There are quite some best parts in this movie.

Gorgeous and sublime visuals

The imagery is well created and makes the glade look like a real existing building. You have to give thumbs up to the visual effects team.

Interesting supporting cast

The supporting casts do a very splendid job. They know their roles pretty well and ensure the hero (Thomas) is never overshadowed. Well thought to direct. The movie brings out different interesting twists that glue the audience.

Cons: Theresa’s American accent is unconvincing. She does not do justice in the American speech. She struggles a lot to give out an original accent that is a fail.

Not that original

The movie itself is okay but not original in some of its parts.
Characterization There are two characters that take the movie to another level, Thomas, and the grievers. Thomas really connects with the audience in more than one way. He gives out the impression of both a scared and a true leader. Also, the grievers do an outstanding job of inflicting freight and making the evil dark forces feel real.


I will give this movie a 3.5 star on the scale of 1-5. It has three exceptional things: Creativity, visual effects, and an above average acting. Why it missed a 5 star is because of the story line drags along before it gets interesting.

This movie is worth the watch, and I will recommend it any day.

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