Vampyr First Update To Add Story Mode And Difficulty Settings

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Vampyr launched its first update in June with specific changes. A story mode will be added to the franchise blood-sucking characters. In the summer, the franchise also planned to add some changes to its hard-difficulty settings. This announcement emanates yesterday from the Dontnod Entertainment platform. Vampyr is ready to make outstanding touches to its open-world game pretty soon.

Vampyr First Update

The game depicts an undead medical expert in a tortured adventure by his apathy for blood. The undead doctor has not experienced different modes or variable difficulties to this actual moment. The increment reduces Player’s progression in hard mode challenges. This is achieved by offering small XP incentives for overcoming enemies in the game. It implies that people playing the game will have to adhere to honest NPCs. It remains a huge portion to the civility of character that the new game unveils.

Combat will be de-emphasized in the story mode of the game. This means that players will be able to amend their ways via the storyline of the game. It is one of the most appealing things that players will discover in the game. The main game comes with complex spikes that made people ray criticism on the franchise. With these changes, the playing mode of the game will now be easier for players.

In the game, a veteran appeared from the 1918 London Great War. The veteran takes care of an affected town of disease and turned some people into premature cannibals. According to the game, Reid remains a vampire in reality. Hunters always like coming in contact with Reid to attack him. The actual person that wins or feed on the lost will explain more about the gameplay of the game. Reid often consumes the blood of his victims either in the metabolized or richer form.

Xbox One, Windows PC and PS4 will have the new game changes operating on them. While the game may have certain complex spikes, it will come with a great replay value for gamers. This brings the depth and intrigue of the game to reality for players. The Strange series helped to bring the beauty of the game Dontnod Entertainment unveiled to players. The franchise is also planning to establish another mystery and an amazing game called Twin Mirror. It is also eyeing PC launch and a console in 2019.

According to the Dontnod Entertainment announcement, the Vampyr new changes will help players play the game well without any difficulties. Above all, the storyline will come with an innovative perspective that can garner your view while playing. One thing is sure with the Vampyr first update, players will see a lot of changes in the settings and story mode. Players are recommended to keep an eye to the magnificent move that Vampyr is trying to offer the public. The gameplay is another important feature that you can watch out for. The game’s innovative gameplay will help to make things easier for both veteran and newbie players.

August 5, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Gears 5

Video Games, XBOX

On Xbox, Gears of War remain a great series. With the chainsaw bayonet of the Lancer, it is highly recognized just like the iconic Halo Warthog. Microsoft has confirmed that the series may continue as announced on the E3 Show 2018. Microsoft has confirmed that it will be unleashing the Gears 5 series because fans like the concept.
The producing company also iterated that Kait will be the female protagonist in the new game. Kait will handle the leading role while Marcus Phoenix still maintains his position. In the game, Kait will take a group on a special adventure. It is simply a continuation of the previous edition called Gears of War 4.

Gears 5

Gears 5 will act as the center of a second trilogy from the Gears of War. The official date for releasing the game is not yet decided, but fans should expect it around 2019. The game can be played on PC and Xbox One. In the series, fans will discover that locusts will have a huge impact. According to Microsoft, the company will also unleash 2 special Gears soon. This can be found in Gears Tactics and Gears Pop. The former will be a tactical game that is similar to the XCOM franchise while the latter remains a mobile spin-off of the producing company.

Gears 5 Features


Air of anticipation is the right word to use for the end of Gears of War. In the previous edition of this series, a new enemy was born rather than getting rid of a threat. The new enemy created remains the Swarm, which is an evolution of the locust in the original trilogy. The whole thing was established to create a huge problem between the last vestiges and new race of the human factions on Sera.

This is a battle between the Outsiders and the COG. These groups have always been in antithesis to each other for a long time. In Gears 5, the conflict will continue and exposing the actual object of Swarm 5. It will also help to discover how the human factions obliterated the conflict and fight against the common of their existence.

PC Gaming

For a long time, Microsoft has the attitude of unleashing its PC Play Anywhere program. It implies that you can play your Xbox games on any platform such as PC. In 2016, Gears 4 also made use of the same program. Even Gears 2 and 3 used the same platform. This simply means that the new game called Gears 5 will also be played on PCs.

Job Listings

It’s evident from rumors that the groundwork for Gears 5 is now on the way. At the moment, the producing company may be looking for storyboard artists, associate art director, cinematic lead and cinematic artists to help build the Gears 5 game professionally.

While fans wait in anticipation for this amazing game, it is evident that 2019 remains the sure period to expect the unleashing of this amazing console.

July 25, 2018

Reasons Why Ezio Collection Is Best Assassin’s Creed Game

Video Games

The Ezio Collection remains current and innovative generation console. This remastered collection is loaded with many activities that will blow your mind. Ezio Collection is planning to unleash a masterpiece on November 15th, 2018. This assassin creed will be the best play because of the amazing features that come with it. While many players may see it as being expensive, but you will be excited in everything the Ezio Collection offers.

Though, there have been several glitches and graphical issues with the Ezio Collection products in time past. The trilogy of Assassin Creed is currently optimized and upgraded to prevent visual hitches and screen tearing. The resolution will also come with around 1080p.

There is welcoming innovative protection of paint on the design of the game. The enhanced smoothness remains the most crystal clear advancement in the game. While the games have not been fully redesigned, they are also remastered to give players the best experience. This remains a great playback game that you will like even in a time of boredom.

The storyline has been passing through a lot of change ever since the inception of the game. There is still contemplation if the storyline of the package should be in parts or standalone pieces. This has led to experiencing certain problems with Assassin’s Creed – Unity. Nevertheless, Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate and Black Flag comes with a surprise.

The game has seen some victories in time past and continues to show headway. Nonetheless, adding individual and personal stories to the overall structure of the game has lead to some complications. Above all, Assassin’s Creed has shown great improvement to players in its current state. Adding Ezio’s storyline into the game will create a huge impact and differentiating it from other series.

In modern games, Ezio remains one of the biggest protagonists. Playing a game that depicts Ezio’s entire life is a great idea for players that desire personal story in games. If you have not watched or played any of the Assassin’s Creed series, it is important to give this collection a try. Ezio Collection is one of the best out there for you play because it has not got an end at the moment.

From 2009 until 2016, there is has been regular change to the title of the game. Using simple titles is understandable players, especially if you have access to the series. This game will keep you engaged and relaxing. For people that are interested in the second installment, Assassin’ Creed II, this game will help you continue your journey to the assassins guild without ant distraction.

In the complete background, you will discover that Revelations and Brotherhood are improved. If you have not been devoted to these games, it is time to be committed. The Ezio Collection is full of amazing games that will make you happy. It will help you to understand assassinations are performed without other people knowing. On this note, it is a great idea to grab your copy and see how the game goes.

July 22, 2018

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC Open Beta Will Be Out This August

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There will be certain crucial alterations in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale this year. These changes will be done without affecting the major features of the game. The beta model will be highly impressive when a battle royale feature is added to the overall design of the game. It is the high honor for Treyarch to make a quick announcement concerning the game.

Treyarch mentioned that two beta modes will be released for the Call Of Duty – Black Ops 4. One of the modes will be unleashed around August as a multiplayer game. The second mode will also come almost at the same around September with the battle royale feature. Those who engaged in the pre-order state will get the private beta mode of the game.

The codes for downloading will be delivered to subscribers on both the physical and digital pre-orders. A calling card will be given to people that subscribe for the complete game as a form of reward. If you are able to get to the highest level while subscribing for the beta mode, permanent unlock code will be provided to access equipment and weapon in October. For PlayStation users, the new private mode of the game will be a priority on Xbox One and PC.

When accessing the Black Ops 4 on PS, it will have to take some time to understand the playing interface. PC open beta will occur on August 10 and 11. Five game modes will be unleashed from the multiplayer beta level. This includes Control, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, Domination and Team Deathmatch. 6 maps are available for subscribers after ordering for the game.

This will give you access to play both the new and old versions of the game. In September, the beta mode of Blackout will be unleashed. At the moment, there is no actual date assigned for the Blackout mode. The biggest talking point remains the battle royale version of the game. According to Treyarch, the battle royale version will be a great reward to subscribers.

The team of developers is doing everything to ensure that the patience of subscribers is satisfied. Treyarch also continued by saying that players will have more in their hands after accessing the beta modes of the game. The Call Of Duty – Black Ops 4 is going to change for life and players will enjoy every bit of the game. The Treyarch announcement has confirmed the benefits that players will get after the game is released.

As mentioned above, the unleashing of the game in different beta modes will help you enjoy it perfectly. It will come with the private multiplayer and battle royale features. With these features, players will be able to improve their skills. It is also a great source for the latest version of the Call Of Duty – Black Ops 4 game. If you are ready to rock with the game, simply make a pre-order now and get your copy.

July 19, 2018

Top 10 Advanced Tips & Tricks for PUBG Mobile

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Do you know that PUBG has changed the gaming industry? When talking Xbox One and PC, PUBG really shocked the world with its amazing capabilities. It is also operating on Android and other mobile devices to help you get the best. Studies have shown that PUBG has one of the best mobile ports for playing games. Below are some advanced tricks and tips for PUBG mobile.

  1. To track gunfire, you must watch the map. In PUBG, you should always pay attention to the map. It will help you survive and stay longer on the platform.
  2. Learn the ropes properly because the first couple of games you play on PUBG is full of bots. Since your first games will be bots, you can learn tricks that can help you beat or overcome the competition. For instance, you can be able to use the A.I interface on your system to walk through difficulties.
  3. To avoid falling into traps and pits, you can always make use of free look. It can be in auto run to help you watch other players and competitors carefully.
  4. In case you are a psychopath, ensure to use gyroscope controls. With these controls, you will be able to handle complex and difficult situations.
  5. Flanking always from behind is a great concept while on the PUBG mobile platform. The controls happen to be the most difficult things to handle in PUBG. For this reason, using flank from behind will help to shield any negation.
  6. Leaning in PUBG mobile should be manually activated. One of the most important features in PUBG is leaning and it can help you when playing any game.
  7. When shooting in PUBG, ensure to make of your left thumb. The system may not allow you to shot using your two hands. For this reason, using your left thumb will bring a great result.
  8. Autorun should always be activated. This trick will help you when moving from one location another on the map. It can help to maintain a long distance.
  9. When plugged in PUBG, go ahead to keep playing your game. The PUBG platform will not fully suck the power in your battery. So when you are plugged in, go ahead and start enjoying yourself.
  10. The buttons should be re-mapped to the best condition. Players will be playing on a tiny screen and things may get a bit complex. Re-mapping buttons will give you a better interface to play your game without any difficulties.

There are tons of tricks that people don’t know about. Using the tips above will help you enjoy PUBG mobile with ease and comfort. These tips will give you an upfront idea of how to handle your first game on the platform. Apart from comfort and ease, you will discover that your skills are getting better daily. Using the tricks above will also make you a professional in an ephemeral of time. Give it a try now and see how the system works.

July 19, 2018

What is the Best Water Softener System for Me?

Health Improvement

There are many houses that are struggling with the hard water supply in their homes. Hard water boasts no health risks, but it can lead to significant repairing expenses for fixtures and plumbing faucets in your home. Therefore, most of the homeowners are now switching to Water Softener Systems. Water Softener System removes the minerals from water like magnesium, calcium and other minerals dissolved into the hard water. These systems can extend the life expectancy of the plumbing fixtures and appliances by preventing the damages caused by scale buildup and blockage. But, there are many people that are wondering with the question “What is the Best Water Softener System for Me”. Well, it all depends on their unique preferences, budget and needs. There are many reviews online and they may Check These Water Softener Reviews online to make informed and wise purchasing decision.

What is the Best Water Softener System for Me

Determining The Right Type of Water Softener System For Your House

Prior to purchasing a Water Softener System it is necessary that you determine what water problem your house is experiencing and which Water Softener System can solve these problems. You must hire water treatment professionals to analyze the water conditions and based on their reports and inputs from customers in online Water Softener System reviews, you must make the correct decision. The analyze result and customer inputs can help you get the right Water Softener System for your home.

Get Superior Components and Metered Style Valve for Efficient System

When you are buying the best Water Softener System for your house you must ensure that it comes with quality components and metered style valve. This not only increases its life expectancy, but also works more efficiently. Quality components may cost more upfront, but the investment would worth you in long term and minimize the overall operating cost for long run. Poor components would demand for frequent replacement and repairing due to large buildup of salt and water and you may end up paying more for its repairing.

The metered style valve would help you program diverse levels of hardness based on the number of family members. It lets you set the system and adjust the cleaning or regeneration times automatically.

Choose Right Sized System for Your Home

Not all Water Softener System comes with same size tanks and reservoirs. The size that you would require for your home depends on the flow rate of your house and the hardness level of the water. The small tanks would decrease the life expectancy of the components and this would cost more money in long run for repairing and replacement. On the other hand, the system which is large can run you into sanitary issues which would waste larger amount of slats and will backwash the water. So, choosing the Water Softener System with exact size is necessary for efficient operations and this will not waste your money on parts.

The Quality and Pricing of the Water Softener System

Prior to buying a Water Softener System for your house, you are required to do your homework to evaluate how much you can afford to spend on the system and for how long you want to use it. At times, you will see some of the system a bargain, but they may not last longer and you will end up spending more on replacement of parts and repairing. While other system may look expensive at times, but these systems would last longer and help you save your money in long run. Moreover, you also need to check for the warranty on the system prior to making a purchasing decision. Choose the system with high quality resin and valving as it would last longer and deliver effective results for long run.

April 1, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About the iOS 11.3 Update

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iOS updates always bring something new to the old iDevices. Be it your iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch, they all run on iOS and all their features rely on updates provided by Apple. The current version of the iOS that all the iDevices are running is the version 11.2.5 but Apple is going to release the 11.3 update really soon which brings a lot of new things to the table.

Let us have a look at what you can expect from the iOS 11.3 update for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

iOS 11.3 Beta Program is ON!

The Apple iOS 11.3 beta is already available for paid developers and people who are enrolled in the Beta Software Program which is free. You need to have an Apple ID to get enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program.

Since the version of iOS is in beta right now, it will have bugs and glitches all over and a beta software isn’t meant for day to day usage. The Beta program is run to identify the issues and glitches in the software and to fix it by checking and analyzing the real life usage of the firmware. If you are running the iOS 11.3 Beta on your Apple device, you might run into problems like software crashes, bad battery life and much more.

All the issues on the beta version are tracked and reported to Apple so that they can work on fixing them and release the update to the public.

iOS 11.3 Release Date

After the beta of any iOS version is released, it stays in beta for a few weeks unless the bugs and glitches are fixed so it might take some time for Apple to release the stable version of iOS 11.3 update. As per the company i.e. Apple, the update is supposed to be released in Spring of 2018 so it is most probable that the update will be released after the 2nd week of March 2018.

Apple also promised that the update will be released in early 2018 so the date for the update to be released to the public isn’t really that far away.

Since this is a major update for the iOS, it’s better that Apple takes their time and fixes everything before releasing the update to the public.

Coming to the release time, the update will follow the similar times that all iOS updates follow. These updates are usually rolled out at 1 PM Eastern time which you can easily convert in your time zone. The roll out is set in stages so you might not get the update on the first day itself.

iOS 11.3 Improvements

Since this is a major iOS update, the improvements aren’t really visual but they are more under the hood. So, you will see a lot of improvements in the way iOS works on your device. The improvements are listed below so you can check them out one by one.

Battery Throttling Fix

After the big fiasco which followed when Apple said they throttle the CPU clock speed on the old devices, Apple has decided to let users choose if they want the update to throttle their device or not.

For people who don’t know what throttling means, Apple used to lower the clock speeds on old Apple devices after the iOS updates and as per them this was to prevent the battery degradation on the devices. The throttling means the device will start lagging and hanging and the experience goes down way too much.

Apple tried fixing this by providing a $29 battery replacement option for old devices but people still aren’t happy. Apple has now decided that they will let the users decide whether to let iOS throttle their device or not after the iOS 11.3 update.

Better App Experience

The iOS 11.3 update will bring better app usage experience as well which means apps will be much more responsive and you will be able to use applications like Movie Box in a much better and easier way. The Movie Box app is just an example from the plethora of applications that are available for iOS.

By better app experience we mean, the apps will open faster and they will also not hang. They will have much better memory management while they are being used and no matter how many apps you open in the background, the device running the iOS 11.3 update will not lag at all.

Better Augmented Reality – AR

Apple will release the iOS 11.3 update with better integrations with their Apple ARKit which will be used by developers to create amazing Augmented Reality applications. The iOS 11.3 update will introduce ARKit 1.5 which the developers can take advantage of.

The ARKit 1.5 in iOS 11.3 will be able to identify and interact with your surroundings with the camera on your iOS device to place new virtual objects. Just imaging, you are in a new street you have never been to before and you take out your phone, open the camera and instantly know the way back to a familiar place, how cool would it be?

iPhone X Improvements

When it comes to the iPhone X, the iOS 11.3 update will bring four new animojis which includes a lion, bear, dragon and a skull. You will also get a new Business Chat which will allow users to communicate directly with business within iMessages.

Also, there will be several improvements in the Face ID which will provide a better unlocking and Face ID purchase experience on the iPhone X.

So, this is everything that you will get in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update for your Apple device and if you have an iPhone X you should specifically be excited for the update since it is mainly the current flagship for Apple and all the improvements are surrounding the iPhone X.


January 29, 2018

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials is Strange Take On The Book


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is an explosive horror-action film, but is not a well-delivered sequel. The Scorch Trials stars just minutes after where the first film concluded. The band of Gladers are flown to a remote fortified outpost. The group just survived a massive maze of monster-like machines. The creators of the maze are hoping to find a way to use their immunity to the virus. As the film begins, Thomas realizes they were all prisoners of the World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department (WCKD). A mysterious group then rescues Thomas and sends them to a secure facility, where they can eat, sleep and slower. They are once again left to figure out whether their rescuers are friend or foe, leading them to find a way to escape.

Thomas who is played by Dylan O’Brien ends up in “The Scorch,” which is the barren desert that was once civilization and is now home to super-storms and scoundrels. The Scorch Trials is again directed by Wes Ball, who directed the first film. This time Ball, makes major changes in the storyline while adapting it for the big screen. Those who are fans of the books will question many of Ball’s decisions. Ball relies too heavily on the overdone post-apocalyptic stories.

While Ball does not directly adapt the book to his film, it’s still a worthwhile movie-going experience. The Maze Runner delivers a fresh and often haunting story. With The Scorch Trials tied to the previous film, moviegoers will not understand the story, if they did not see the original film. The Scorch Trials is an entertaining thrill ride, with a deep mystery that slowly unravels throughout the trilogy. The Maze Runner does not tackle any social issues of the day. The Maze Runner steers clear from making any discussion about humanity. This second chapter of the series falls flat and leaves viewers not inspired.

This second film has been able to better develop the character of Thomas, turning him from a newbie into a strong and brave leader. This film also can explain why Thomas has become a hero and what their connection is with WCKD. While Thomas steps up, the other characters are given very little room for dialogue or engagement. Ball failed to balance the new characters with the old characters as well as the new story. There are some thrilling moments in this film, but nothing that packs a punch.

For those who are fans of The Maze Runner, they may find this film enjoyable, but its failure to follow the real storyline may leave many viewers angry and disappointed. The film could have been made better, and the characters should have been given time to talk and have face time with the audience. If you have read the books, it’s better if you just re-read this book. Especially in today’s world, where we have Imax theatres, this movie has no justification for moviegoers to shell out money for the Imax experience.

January 23, 2018

Trailer Review – Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay


From its long, rich history of comic book appearances, to its 2016 live action movie adaptation, there’s no doubt that Suicide Squad has gotten incredibly popular over the years. Its newest animated film, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, released a trailer this year that gave fans a sneak preview of the movie. While the lineup certainly has changed, the danger hasn’t. With new foe on the horizon, Amanda Waller must rely on the Suicide Squad to defeat it, even at the cost of their lives.

The trailer begins by introducing the members of the Suicide Squad. After seeing familiar characters, such as Harley Quinn and Deadshot, and unfamiliar ones, like Captain Boomerang, the team is sent by Amanda Waller to hunt down a murderer who may very well prove to be their match. From the clean animation to the adrenaline-packed action scenes, to even the sarcastic humor, this may very well prove to be yet another interesting adaptation of the Suicide Squad.

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While the trailer does reveal the major characters in the movie, not much else is revealed in regards to their development. Both Deadshot and Harley Quinn are one of the most recognizable members of the Suicide Squad. Not only that, but Amanda Waller is also present, and is shown to be, at the very least, influencing them, if not outright controlling them. What’s more, seeing Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad sparks the question of whether or not the Joker would make an appearance, or if their relationship would even be explored in this movie. But what of the other characters? What’s their story? More importantly, would they be able to connect with fans who prefer different reincarnations of the Squad? And what about the villain? Just who is “history’s bloodiest immortal”? What makes him so frightening, so much so that Amanda Waller had to call in the Suicide Squad?

However, the following dialogue, “I don’t take orders from murderers”, tends to lend itself to the more traditional themes of the Suicide Squad. Not many people like the fact that the others around them can’t easily be classified as good or evil. Because of this, it’s wonderful to feel the vague hope that the Squad may return to civilized society. Even so, this is entirely predictable. Audiences have felt these emotions in the comics, as well as in the other movies.

Nevertheless, the action sequences are stunning, and the animation is neat, to say the least. The hard rock music was wonderful and emphasized the action sequences and the movie’s fast-paced plot. The barrage of bullets flying through the air certainly pumps adrenaline into the scenes, as well as Amanda’s mysterious aura. It certainly gives the viewer something to look forward to.

Overall, the trailer seemed appropriate for the Suicide Squad, despite it being a bit predictable. Like the other Suicide Squad movies, the premise was the same, one where the movie seemed to show more of the character’s immorality, rather than their goodness. Still, despite this, the trailer did the Suicide Squad justice and promises the movie to be one that all fans will enjoy.

January 22, 2018

The Maze Runner (2014) : Movie Review


Pretty thrilling James Dashner’s has some great movie adaptations, and this is among his best-selling novels This movie commences with some pretty exciting sound effects. A young boy, Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), wakes up with amnesia. He comes in a big box filled with farm supplies. He cannot remember any event in his past life. This is a nice storytelling trick that engages the audience. He later discovers that he is the latest member of the glade and meets other people (gladers) who also have amnesia. The movie gives the sense that they have been living there for a while.

Structure and leadership in the glade

Everyone in the Glade is assigned duties according to his or her skills. By the leadership of Alby (Aml Amleen), a well-built young boy assigns duties without too much resistance. They built shelter, grow crops, and one thing that’s weird is the boys are happy living in the glaze although it’s a prison. There is a huge wall made of cement that surrounds them. It has only one opening which routinely closes in the evening. Another weird fact to mention is the inside walls of the maze. It rearranges all the time after closing like a board of puzzle.

A group of runners always run in the maze once the door opens. They promptly search for an exit before the door closes. If not back, they are locked inside the maze. There is no glader who has ever lasted a night in the maze because of the merciless grievers (spider looking humongous monsters).

How they socialize and divide, themselves is interesting. There are divided into two groups with their own leader. Ally leading one and Gally( Will Poulter), leading the other group. Gally is one person that lacks any future visions. He is more of an eruptive character always ready to cause disruptions. Thomas, the hero, later forms his own group with a new glader, Teresa(Kaya Scodelrio). She appears in the glader immediately after him, which has never happened before. She doesn’t do much in the movie but a great cast all the same. There are quite some best parts in this movie.

Gorgeous and sublime visuals

The imagery is well created and makes the glade look like a real existing building. You have to give thumbs up to the visual effects team.

Interesting supporting cast

The supporting casts do a very splendid job. They know their roles pretty well and ensure the hero (Thomas) is never overshadowed. Well thought to direct. The movie brings out different interesting twists that glue the audience.

Cons: Theresa’s American accent is unconvincing. She does not do justice in the American speech. She struggles a lot to give out an original accent that is a fail.

Not that original

The movie itself is okay but not original in some of its parts.
Characterization There are two characters that take the movie to another level, Thomas, and the grievers. Thomas really connects with the audience in more than one way. He gives out the impression of both a scared and a true leader. Also, the grievers do an outstanding job of inflicting freight and making the evil dark forces feel real.


I will give this movie a 3.5 star on the scale of 1-5. It has three exceptional things: Creativity, visual effects, and an above average acting. Why it missed a 5 star is because of the story line drags along before it gets interesting.

This movie is worth the watch, and I will recommend it any day.

January 21, 2018